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Niyah Cares

About Niyah Cares

In 2014, Azaniyah Roberson, aka “Niyah,” decided she wanted to be a business owner at the precious age of 4 years old! By the age of 5, Niyah came up with a business name and a plan, “Niyah Cares.”

The idea came to Niyah two weeks after watching a UNICEF Commercial on television. Niyah did not understand why any child would not have food. Her mother explained not everyone can afford to feed their children. Her mother further explained, some people live in places where they do not have the food and resources she is afforded. Also, some of the children no longer have parents in their lives, for various reasons, including death.  Niyah could not imagine not having parents.  This really bothered her. She didn’t feel anyone deserved to live without their parents.  

A few days later, Niyah told her mother, although she wanted to be a doctor when she grew up, she wanted to own a business, now.  Niyah wasn’t sure what she wanted to do at that moment, but her mother assured her she had plenty of time. After two weeks, Niyah returned to her mother and said she wanted to make packages for children who did not have parents. About a year later, she came up with the name, “Niyah Cares,” because she said she cares about the kids.

Niyah Cares will provide care packages to children who have lost one or both parents, due to a violent act.

Some of the items that will go in these care packages are (but not limited to..) coloring books, crayons, stuffed animals, blankets, personal hygiene products, and journals to name a few. Each package will also have a hand crafted note and picture from Niyah. Azaniyah will work with children from different schools and other programs, to add pictures and words of love, from kids around the world.

“I would like the kids to know, even though they may feel sad, and feel like no one cares, I care.” ~ Azaniyah N. Roberson

Being the daughter of a retired police officer, and hearing of so many horror stories on the news, one of Niyah’s main goals is to provide care package for children who lost their parents , due to gun violence and children of fallen police officers and fire fighters. However, she is willing to be a blessing to whomever is placed in her path.

Niyah also has a desire to share with other children, the importance of trying new things, and following their dreams. She wants to encourage them to go after everything their heart desires in search of the greatness within them.

Azaniyah has interviewed on WLIB in New York City, Praise Radio Show and she has spoken at several events, where she was given the opportunity to share the vision of Niyah Cares, while encouraging and motivating the youth.

Currently Niyah is working with a few schools in NYC, where she will host a Pajama Jam. The Pajama Jam will be both fun and educational. Each Pajama Jam will have music, games and snacks for the families that attend. Some of the topics that will be addressed during the Pajama Jam will be, following your dreams, living a healthy life style, anti bullying, saying no to drugs.