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Sponsorship Package


Welcome to the dynamic world of online radio with the Power & Praise Network! We are excited to extend this exclusive opportunity to your company to collaborate with us in delivering inspirational and uplifting content to our global audience. Power & Praise Network is dedicated to spreading positivity, faith, and empowerment through music, talk shows, and engaging programs.

This sponsorship package provides an overview of the unique opportunities available for your company to align with our mission and values while reaching a diverse and engaged audience.

About Power & Praise Network

Power & Praise Network is a leading online radio show network committed to providing a platform for gospel music, spiritual enrichment, and inspirational conversations. Our mission is to:

  • Empower: Inspire and uplift our listeners through motivational content.
  • Educate: Share insights, wisdom, and knowledge on faith and spirituality.
  • Entertain: Offer a wide range of music genres and engaging talk shows.
  • Engage: Connect with a global community of faith-driven individuals.

Sponsorship Opportunities

1. Show Sponsorship

a. Featured Show Sponsorship

  • Exclusive sponsorship of a specific high-traffic show.
  • Extensive brand exposure, including pre-roll and post-roll mentions.
  • Customized commercial breaks during the sponsored show.
  • Logo placement on show-specific webpages.
  • Social media promotion highlighting your sponsorship.
  • Opportunity to provide promotional giveaways during the show.

b. Show Segment Sponsorship

  • Sponsor a particular segment within a popular show.
  • Prominent mentions at the beginning and end of the sponsored segment.
  • Logo placement on the show’s webpage and social media posts.
  • Limited commercials or product placement within the segment.

2. Online and Social Media Presence

a. Website Banner Ads

  • Display your company’s banner ads on our website.
  • Choice of ad placement and duration options.
  • Clickable banners linking to your website or landing page.

b. Social Media Promotion

  • Regular posts highlighting your company on our social media platforms.
  • Sponsored content and shoutouts to engage our audience.
  • Collaborative content creation, including interviews or features.

3. Event and Contest Sponsorship

a. Virtual Events

  • Sponsorship of virtual events, such as webinars, concerts, or conferences.
  • Logo placement on event registration pages and promotional materials.
  • Opportunity to host a branded virtual booth or session.

b. Contests and Giveaways

  • Collaborate on interactive contests and giveaways.
  • Your products or services as prizes.
  • Promotion across our radio network and social media channels.

4. On-Air Product Placement

  • Product placement within our shows.
  • Host testimonials and endorsements for your products or services.
  • Inclusion in our “Product of the Month” feature.

Customized Partnership

We understand that each company has unique objectives and budgets. We are open to tailoring a partnership that suits your specific goals and values. Let’s work together to create a memorable collaboration that resonates with our audience.

Contact Us

Join us in spreading positivity, faith, and empowerment through the Power & Praise Network. To discuss sponsorship opportunities and customize a partnership that suits your company, please contact:

Let’s inspire and uplift our global community together!